In our initiative forfurther extending our production in Eastern Europe we have done feasibilitystudies for few countries including Republic of Macedonia.

One of the most importantfactors in making the final decision where to invest was the availability andcost of labour. To get independent and non-political opinion about the labourmarket in Macedoniawe have engaged Samerimpex to make research on the field and give projectiontill 2012 to cover all the project phases. The methodology used and the report itselfare extremely professional and without any doubts one of the prevailingelements to invest in Macedonia.

We recommend Samerimpex forevery issue related to Human Resources in Macedonia as research, consultancy,recruitment, selection etc. The company is not only service provider but a realbusiness partner.

Colin Jaffrey

In this occasion, we would like to specifically point out and refer tothe following services: training and career cancelling and coaching. We havebeen introduced to the international SDI methodology in 2013 and all ouremployees have attended SDI workshops to fully understand the core concepts andtheir practical value for personal and professional development. We can testifythat working with SDI had tremendous effects such as:

- Decreased interpersonal conflicts

- Decreased time for meetings- improved communication among team members

- Employees that advanced in working with SDI, work with othercolleagues motivating them to work with SDI in everyday work, without beingasked

- One of the employees that were developed, especially through careercancelling and coaching was promoted into a team leader and now is a member ofthe international management team.

Sasho Velevski

As Turkey’s leading Organizational Development and Management Consulting company MCT, we have established a successful collaboration with SAMERIMPEX-IMPULSI.

One of our major collaboration includes a global project for Turkey’s leading glass manufacturing company Sisecam, with18.000 employees. SAMERIMPEX-IMPULSI has participated as our partner in the “We are Sisecam” Project. The main purpose of the project is the ensure the effective deployement of the mission, vision and values of Sisecam throughout the whole organization.

We established a very successful collaboration with SAMERIMPEX-IMPULSI for the implementation of the program in Bosnia. We are glad to mention that their project management, implementation techniques, presence and solutions are muchly appreciated by our client.

With their outsanding expertise, we as MCT, position SAMERIMPEX-IMPULSI as our profound collaborative partner.



Recommendation for the HR services of Semerimpex Impulsi

Samerimpex Impulsi has been providing consulting services to our company in various HR rojects over the past seven years. Initially, the company was engaged in developing and implementing training programs, which was later followed by the development and implementation a comprehensive performance management system. Then other training programs followed. The topics were:

- Management Training for Middle Managers, mainly for leadership and management styles, decision making and problem solving

- Planning and Controlling for top and middle managers

- Improving Competences through Assessment Center for top and middle managers

- Collaboration through Communication for top and middle managers

- Assessment and Training Center for Front-line Managers (Assessing the potential of the front-line managers to take over more responsibilities on the same job or on higher hierarchical level) for 34 Line Managers \

- Development of skills to delegate and monitor the implementation of tasks that leads to employee empowerment and development of skills to motivate the Line Managers in order to increase employee engagement

- Development of communication with internal customers, development of skills for making priorities when planning the weekly tasks and development of skills to adopt to change and to different management styles of delegation in order to increase the effectiveness and efficacy.

 Biljana Velevska is a lead expert in the company although we have met Elmira Banceva, Natasa

Ivanovska and Zoran Todorovski too. I want to emphasize Biljana's flexibility and readiness to adapt to the client’s needs, always aiming to identi$' the crucial area for improvement. Her expertise and good knowledge of the topics used in our HR projects yielded significant improvements both in our overall performance and individual abilities

 We are very satisfied with the results of the cooperation with Samerimpex Impulsi. With all our respect we consider the company as our strategic partner in development of our Human Capital and we recommend its services in any field of Human Resource Management and Development.

Stelios Grigoriadis

Thanks to the content as well as excellent presentation and implementation by Biljana Velevska and Natasha Ivanovski, licensed representatives SDI Methodology in our region, I feel free to confirm that SDI Methodology is a fantastic tool for improving and developing professional skills of specific target groups of employees, such as communication with customers, sales skills, cooperation, delegation and similar skills.

On the other hand proper understanding and mastering the SDI Methodology largely caused influence over building and raising the high level of mutual trust, respect, discipline, that are important prerequisites to achieve strong and compact team in an organization.

At the end of my warm and sincere recommendation for implementing SDI Methodology in any organization I want to emphasize that the content was presented by Biljana and Natasha with identifiable components of mentoring and support in career development to all participants of the training.

Niko Barberu

With application of NLP, SDI and other sales methodologies, through a combination of theory and practical exercises, participants gained improved sales competencies especially communication competence in ales. They also gained skills of recognizing of different types of personalities according to their motivational value systems and have shown great interest and satisfaction with the way the facilitators (applying the coaching approach and initiating mentoring between employees) run the training.

The outcomes that were visible after the delivered training were increased motivation, better communication, increased sales by 20% and reduced employee turnover.

We are sincerely grateful and we continue the cooperation and at the same time we recommend the services of the company Samerimpeks Impulsi to all companies that have big number of employees, especially in retail.

Ljupco Manevski

We are highly satisfied with the overall service from SAMEPRIMPEX IMPULSI and the engaged trainers and facilitators, They have demonstrated extended theoretical knowledge on the topics and high professionalism and coaching skills at the individual sessions' The facilitators managed to explain the individual and group DISC findings to the participants, enabling them to better understand themselves, their behavior at work and the impact it has on others. Therefore, we gladly recommend SAMEPRIMPEX IMPULSI -Biljana Velevska and Natasa lvanovska as senior coaches and facilitators.

Selim Simbil

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