Business coaching has shown to be one of the most powerful ways of developing people and adding to the bottom line of business performance. Executive coaching is widely used and recognized as a key contributor to companies’ successes and as a way to make the best people even better. Studies indicate that companies use executive coaching services for varying reasons:

·         On-Demand Short-Term

·         Team Effectiveness

·         Capable Executive

·         Career Decision Making

·         Onboarding

·         High Potentials

Our Coaching Services are custom developed for each individual, group, and client to align with the identified needs and goals. Our services are confidential and provide the insight desired to move participants to their next level of success. Typical projects include:

·         Assessment of organizational goals and challenges

·         Assessment of individual skills, capabilities, and/or behaviours based on project goals

·         Individual Action Planning customized for individual development and obtainable goals and objectives

·         Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face or virtually to accommodate each candidate’s demanding schedule.

Our coaching programs are personalized to each candidate and his or her professional desires and challenges, while incorporating structure and focus to ensure personal commitment equals improvement and success!

Your human capital is your greatest asset! Increase the return on your investment through Impulsi’s Coaching Services.

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