Compensation Analysis Design


·         Not sure if you are paying employees too little or too much?

·         Losing good employees to better paying jobs elsewhere?

·         Compensating according to an antiquated system?

·         Just opening your doors and onboarding your first employees?

·         Expanding your services and diversifying your workforce?

Regardless of the reason, Impulsi can assist in all areas of compensation, from policy design and plan development through stakeholder approval and implementation.

Impulsi’s Compensation Analysis & Design services include all levels of comprehensive review, refinement, and/or development of compensation programs, ensuring strategic alignment with each unique client. Our Compensation Analysis & Design services provide our clients:

·         Improved competitiveness through current, market-aligned compensation structures that help to attract, motivate and retain high quality employees to the best of the organization’s budgetary abilities

·         Risk management resulting from implementation of consistent and defensible pay structures – developed by an unbiased, ethically bound third party – that meet the requirements of equal value legislation

·         Tools and services needed to support the implementation and independent management and maintenance of the overall compensation system, and guide consistent and defensible base pay decisions that provide every employee a competitive level of compensation.

Whether you need a complete analysis of your existing compensation system, are starting your compensation program from the ground up, or just need a pay scale developed for a few new positions, Impulsi can successfully meet the demands of your project!

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