Internal Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a systematic process of determining the relative value of various jobs within an organization, and assigning jobs to a hierarchical index of job value. Effective job evaluation enables an organization to:

·         Provide fair pay to its employees

·         Attract and retain its needed talent

·         Identify duplication of tasks and gaps between jobs and function allowing it to make strategic alignment decisions

·         Identify qualification requirements

·         Place jobs in salary structures

·         Maintain internal equity.

At Impulsi, our trained and well-experienced staff provides an unbiased, holistic approach to evaluation of an organization’s jobs.

·         We focus on only the job itself, not the person performing the job – something that can be very difficult to do if you are an employee of the organization

·         We understand the effects a job evaluation process can have on the employees such as job insecurity or fear of pay cuts – so we assist in using an organization-wide involvement and continuous communication process helping to ease concerns and establish a sense of ownership from the results of the job evaluation

·         We know the struggles that can occur with management involvement and we take a proactive approach from the beginning to help ensure the cooperation needed for successful project completion

We complete job evaluations using current industry best practices. Typically, job evaluations are completed after the job analysis and job descriptions are complete. Impulsi employs both non-quantitative methods of evaluation such as job classification, as well as quantitative methods such as a job point-factoring which utilizes compensable factors to determine internal worth – a key to establishing an internally consistent compensation system that can serve as a strategic tool for the organization.

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