Job Analysis And Job Descriptions

Job analysis and development of accurate job descriptions support many critical aspects of an organization’s human capital management –

·         Recruitment of the correct candidate

·         Establishment of competitive compensation

·         Individual productivity and employee engagement

·         Streamline of work processes and accountability

·         Identification of training needs

·         Compliance with labour laws and legislation.

The list goes on. Regardless of the need, completing job analysis and developing accurate job descriptions is of the utmost importance and requires specific expertise and knowledge. Impulsi has been providing these services to our clients since 2000. Our experts continuously stay abreast of changes in legislation as well as industry best practices to ensure both the processes and resulting job documentation can be in compliance with the laws and will support the operations of the companies.


Jobs are analyzed to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job – helping both the employer and the employee. There are numerous methods of analyzing jobs including observation, interviewing, questionnaires, competency profiling, etc. Impulse uses combination of methods to get best results and always focuses on the job itself and not the person performing the job. This ensures accuracy of job function regardless of who is performing it.

Depending on the nature of the job as well as project specifications, Impulsi will apply our Functional Analyses job analysis approach, which incorporates a two-fold, cross-referencing solicitation and validation of the job by both the job incumbent and supervisor, ensuring consistency by title and/or work area.


Job descriptions are the foundation of organizational performance, and serve as key drivers in a variety of HR functions. At Impulsi, the development of effective job descriptions is a critical part of our Right Person on Right Place philosophy. Impulsi-developed job descriptions:

·         Define the jobs for performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning and career development purposes

·         Use standard formats that allow for consistent application

·         Give employees written definitions of their jobs

·         Provide personal specification as valuable input for job interviews

·         Provide reliable sources for compensation plan design and establishing internal equity

·         Help organizations move swiftly to increase or replace staff due to increased business or turnover

·         Help those responsible for work flow to perform systematic analyses of organizations’ work processes from start to finish

·         Assist in meeting important compliance obligations.

At Impulsi, we develop job descriptions that are broad, descriptive, and flexible to enable adaptation to your organization’s changing needs. We work with our clients to develop effective templates, identify critical goals and unique qualifiers of their organization, and then we help to establish and connect each job’s duties back to the critical goals of the organization. This ensures alignment of each job to the overall success of the organization, while providing the details needed to support effective job performance. At the same time, every job description developed by Impulsi includes the minimum and optimum criteria needed to successfully perform in the job such as required knowledge, skills, and abilities, responsibilities, reporting structure, and typical mental and physical requirements of the job.

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