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Impulsi helps our clients achieve the future they envision. Whether it’s learning the HR discipline, managing a diverse staff, improving your customer service, or getting the most from a senior team, we help our clients evolve into the organizations they wish to become. Our team of specialists not only hold recognized international and local certifications, but they are recognized leaders in the industry, providing guidance and training to hundreds of employees, supervisors, leaders, owners and HR professionals. Our training programs and products are delivered in live classroom settings to best meet the needs and desires of our clients.


Impulsi trains approximately 300 employees a year! Our goal of all delivered training is to improve performance and enhance employee skills. Our leadership- and management-level trainings not only improve participants’ performance at work, but also increase our clients’ bottom lines. Every training module we offer is developed to meet the needs of our client, while incorporating their culture, vision, and philosophies into the training.

Impulsi employs a assessment-based curriculum design and development approach to the development of any training module we deliver. Our Competency Based Training Needs Assessment Process is built into every tailored design and training facilitation. This means that the outcomes are defined and then measured, providing our clients with results they can count on!

Impulsi offers classroom, outdoor, or blended learning formats, custom-developed training programs, as well as customized residential trainings.

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